How Lemmy stood up for Mikkey Dee when he joined Motorhead

Mikkey Dee
Trust me: Dee in the early 1990s (Image credit: Getty)

Former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has recalled how mainman Lemmy stood up for him in his earliest days with the band – while some people thought the Swedish sticksman was a “wanker.”

Dee joined up in 1992, replacing classic-era member Philthy ‘Animal’ Taylor, and remained on board until the band ended with Lemmy’s death last December.

But he’s told how his first few years with the iconic outfit were a struggle, especially because his bandmates wouldn’t pay attention to him on stage.

Dee tells Music Radar: “The problem I had was that they never listened to the drummer. It took three, four, maybe five years before they really trusted me.

“I said, ‘You have to listen to me – I’m setting the tempos and I’m staying on the beat.’ Without bragging, my meter is pretty good.

“These guys were going all over the place because they never listened to the drummer. Taylor was a great drummer in his style and he fit Motorhead perfectly, but he listened to Lemmy and followed these guys.

“He didn’t put his foot down and stand his ground, so it took me several world tours before they leaned on me and trusted me. As soon as we did that, we sounded so much better.”

That wasn’t Dee’s only issue – he remembers of his first show with Motorhead: “If eyes could kill I would have been murdered right away.

“A lot of people didn’t know me and they literally stood pointing at me going, ‘How can you bring this wanker into the band?’ I was the wrong guy completely. They hated me.”

“But Lemmy stood up for me. He said, ‘Get out of my dressing room. Mikkey’s unbelievable, you wait and see!’

“After the show the same guys wanted to shake my hand – ‘This was the best Motorhead show we’ve ever seen!’ And I got accepted.”

Dee has now become the full-time drummer with the Scorpions, but he’ll never forget his years with Lemmy. “He took charge of his last moments himself – very typical,” says the drummer.

“A real stubborn bastard. Every snare hit I play from now on until I go into the grave will be a small tribute to Lemmy and be in honour of the man who taught me so much and stood up for me.”

Meanwhile, former Scorpions drummer James Kottak has thanked fans for their support after his personal problems got him kicked out of the band.

In his first official comment since being replaced by Dee, Kottak says: “I am healthy and happy living in the now, grateful for yesterday, excited for the future. As one chapter of my life closes, a thousand new doors of adventure have opened.

“I have been given the ultimate gift of life with my personal reboot. With the support of Athena and my three wonderful kids, today is the first day of the rest of my life!”

Mikkey Dee remembers Lemmy

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