Moonspell face challenge to play latest tracks

Moonspell mainman Fernando Ribeiro admits they band are facing a challenge as they prepare to perform material from upcoming album Extinct.

But he believes the struggle will prove worthwhile.

Ribeiro tells Metal Kaoz: “We definitely want to take another route in our music. Even for us to write it was challenging. To play it is challenging. Now, to make it happen live is also a challenge – but we don’t mind, because we feel the songs are great.”

The Portuguese outfit’s challenge extended to keeping up with producer Jens Bogren’s hectic schedule. “He is a very involved guy; he’s restless – he never gave us a day off,” Ribeiro recalls.

“He’s all work, work, work because he wants everything to shine through. He gave a bit of discipline to us all. It was a complete production, and a very cool and intense process.”

The frontman hopes Moonspell will continue to avoid sticking to a trademark approach or sound as their career continues. “In metal, especially gothic metal, it seems bands are using blueprints. We still want to be a valid and alternative voice into many things.”

And if they generate a strong reaction through artist Seth Siro Anton’s Extinct cover art, it’s all part of the experience.

Ribeiro says: “Seth wanted to make as a statement with his art. He has the best way of capturing the mixture of horror and beauty that is dark metal and I think he is number one.

“People need visual things, even if they are sick about it. I don’t expect anything else other than getting sick when I look at it. If I’m not, then something is wrong with it.

Extinct will be released on March 16 via Napalm Records. Moonspell play the Underworld in London on April 2.