Miss May I in Limp Bizkit moment


Levi Benton's favourite festival moment features fans dumping rubbish in front of the stage – and he says it made him feel like he was in Limp Bizkit.

The Miss May I frontman tells TeamRock Radio: “We were closing out the Vans Warped tour and I told the crowd, ‘Let them throw you out – you’re going home anyway.’

“Right when I said that all the trash cans went up in the air and they crowdsurfed them.

“The best part was, when the security guards caught them there was just a mountain of trash in front of the stage. I felt like I was in Limp Bizkit – it was awesome.”

Miss May I believe today’s Download appearance was their biggest show to date. Benton enthuses: “It was crazy to see our childhood DVDs come to life. I think it’s the most people we’ve ever played for. It was a lot of hard work – but we’re excited.”

Elsewhere in the interview the band talk about the tragedy of fan Alberto Scott’s death at a show in New York last month.

Miss May I interview