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Sweet slates U2 album giveaway

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has become the latest musician to criticise U2 for their album giveaway stunt.

Apple are thought to have paid Bono and co $100m to add Songs Of Innocence to 500m iTuners users’ accounts last week. As a result of the backlash the computer giant has launched a quick-delete online tool.

Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson this week said U2 had helped devalue music with the move, while Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward called it a “violation of freedom.”

Now Sweet – who just launched his supergroup with George Lynch – says: “Why would anyone want to continue buying music when the trend is to receive it for free in their inbox? I think it does devalue music – especially the music of all the little fish in this enormous pond.”

He continues: “It seems to me that the door is slowly closing for other bands to have the same opportunities. Only a select few will see the light of these astronomical paydays. The rest will have to work even harder, only to see less fruit from their labour.”

Sweet says music retains the highest value in his own life and he’s never done it for the money. But he adds: “It’s a little disheartening to those who need to clock in earlier and clock out later than ever before, just to pay for picks, sticks and stings.

“I hope this all works out, for the love of music.”

Not only is one-time online news editor Martin an established rock journalist and drummer, but he’s also penned several books on music history. He’s appeared on TV and when not delving intro all things music, can be found travelling along the UK’s vast canal network.