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U2 album killer launched by Apple

Apple have launched an online tool that removes U2 album Songs Of Innocence from iTunes users’ accounts.

The tracks were automatically downloaded free of charge to over 500 million users, as part of the company’s iPhone and Apple Watch launch event last week.

But many people objected to the stunt, which is believed to have cost Apple more than $100m to stage. One person tweeted boss Tim Cook saying: “I’ve got a virus on my iPhone called U2 – how do I remove it?”

Now the firm have made an auto-removal web service available, saying: “Some customers asked for the ability to delete Songs Of Innocence, so we set up to let them easily do so.”

Users are warned they’ll have to manually download the album if they change their minds. It’s free to all iTunes users until next month, when a charge will be levied.

Nine U2 albums have re-entered the iTunes chart following the launch.