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Metallica’s Creeping Death sounds filthy reworked as a Southern/stoner rock anthem

(Image credit: Denis Pauna YouTube)

He shoots, he scores!

As memories of the (year-delayed) Euro 2020 tournament quickly fade, once again we must turn elsewhere for drama and passion. Here at Hammer, that means another dive into the magical alternative reality universe created by Croatian metal maverick Denis Pauna, whose gift for transposing metal/grunge anthems into new forms never ceases to impress us. This week… Metallica’s Creeping Death reimagined as a sludgy Southern/stoner rock jam.

If you’re familiar with the man’s work, it’ll hardly need saying that DP nails this like a boss. But we'll say it anyway, for the noobs. 

Glorious, right? It’s like best Load outtake you’ve never heard. 

This is just the tip of the Pauna iceberg, of course. Perhaps you might wish to hear him evoke Slayer in the style of Alice In Chains? Or Prince’s When Doves Cry in the style of Type O Negative? Or Depeche Mode in the style of Motorhead?

There’s much, much more to enjoy on Pauna’s YouTube channel.

Thanks again Den P.