Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus in the style of Motorhead is here to fill the Lemmy-shaped hole in your life

Denis Pauna covering Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus in the style of Motorhead
(Image credit: Denis Pauna)

Did some just dig up a previously unheard version of Motorhead covering of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, or is it prolific YouTuber Denis Pauna once again perfectly nailing their sound? Okay, it’s the latter – but let’s be honest here, you were confused at first too. 

Styled on tracks such as Born To Raise Hell and Built For Speed, Denis masters the sound of Lemmy’s smoke-infused, husky timbre as he performs a three-minute version of the 80s pop banger. 

Mutton chops and sideburns intact, on first look you might even think it’s a young Lemmy with bass in a hand, but no it’s Denis, making sure the world hears a version of Personal Jesus so good that it probably should've been covered by Motorhead in the first place. 

If you want to hear more of Denis’s Motorhead-esque renditions to temporarily fill that Lemmy-shaped hole in your heart, there’s also “What if MOTÖRHEAD wrote MASTER OF PUPPETS (Album)” — yep, that’s Metallica’s entire Master of Puppets record played in the style of Motorhead.  Also be sure to check out “What If Lemmy Played For”, where a variety of bands are covered but if Lemmy were the frontman.  

Liz Scarlett

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