A YouTuber has covered Metallica's 72 Seasons in the style of Slayer and it's as brutal as you'd expect

A collage of Tom Araya from the Repentless video and Metallica's 72 Seasons album artwork
(Image credit: Nuclear Blast | Blackened)

In a recent interview with Mexican radio station Alfa 91.3 FM, Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo said if he could choose any band to cover a song from the band's recently-released 72 Seasons album, it would be Slayer.

 “What would be a really powerful song?" mused the bassist. "I mean, I would love to hear, like... this is gonna sound crazy. What if 72 Seasons was covered by Slayer? I mean, that would be pretty cool [laughs]. You know?

 “No one would expect that, but I would love it," he added. "I always feel like some people say there’s a competition [between us]. Maybe it’s because I came into the band later, [but] I view it as more as two signature sort of icon powerhouses, you know, that had this energy back in the early ’80s, you know? Really strong. But, like, what if, what if the classic Slayer lineup covered a song like 72 Seasons? That would be pretty cool.”

As Slayer played their last show at The Forum in Los Angeles in November 2019, our favourite Finnish YouTuber Otu has stepped into the breach to deliver a cover worthy of the defunct thrashers. 

Otu, who is the brains behind the Moonic Productions video channel, recently recorded a version of Michael Jackson's Beat It in the style of Slayer, so recording some more evil-fuelled thrash was clearly on the musician's mind. 

While we're of the opinion that it should have been called 72 Seasons in the Abyss, it won't stop us from recommending you check it out below. 

Simon Young

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