Metallica Glasto move showed us the way - TBDM


The Black Dahlia Murder were concerned about being one of the few high-profile death metal bands on the Download bill – but Metallica's controversial Glastonbury move made them feel better.

And now frontman Trevor Strnad has a positive attitude towards their Pepsi Max Stage appearance. He tells TeamRock Radio: “Metallica are the leaders of showing you what to do and how to do it. So if they’re gonna go out there and try something like that, I know we’re doing the right thing too.”

Once they’ve dipped their toes in the water, he believes there’ll be no stopping them. “I guess we’re down for whatever,” he says.

“If we’re going go in all these different directions, why not take it all the way and play for the hippies? We’ll use as many opportunities as we can to play this music to different people. All different avenues are welcome.”

Strnad adds that TBDM are turning their thoughts towards the follow-up to last year’s Everblack – but not before they complete an extensive tour of Europe and the US.

The Black Dahlia Murder interview