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Metalhead's lost jacket appears in Macy's display

A Portland metalhead’s long-lost jacket has mysteriously appeared in a Ralph Lauren display in Macy’s flagship store in New York.

The vest, given to Mangled Corpse and Maniak bassist Meshach Babcock by a childhood friend, was customised with band patches and his own handwriting.

But the one-of-a-kind jacket was stolen from the backstage area while his group played at a Battle Of The Bands show in Oregon City High School three years ago.

Babcock had given up hope of finding it, until last week, when his friend saw that Nasty Savage had shared a photo of a sleeveless denim jacket with their patch stitched on it in a glass case in Macy’s.

He tells Katu News: “I got a message from my friend Sergio saying, ‘Meshach, I think I’ve found your vest.’ I looked at the picture and there’s no question – it’s my vest, all the patches are completely the same.”

Rock fans across the world have backed a campaign to reunite the jacket with its owner, with Facebook page Macy’s, Give Back Meshach’s Vest amassing over 3500 likes so far.

Babcock adds: ”Australia, Sweden, Germany… metalheads all over the world are sharing the photo, talking about it and being really supportive.

“I really would like to figure out all this travelling that my vest has been doing without me, having all the fun. There’s got be some people who can give me some information about where it came from.”

According to the Facebook page, Macy’s are currently investigating the matter.