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Metal Hammer invades the BBC

It's not every day we're invited onto international television, and it's not every day we talk about UB40 – but boss man Alexander Milas was invited onto BBC World News to talk about loving loud music after a number of UB40 gig-goers complained about the ear-piercing volume. Yeah... UB40. If you've never been to a Motörhead show, you've never heard loud. Trust us.

While the UB40 show in Cambridge may have been the volume of Vesuvius, we at Metal Hammer are pretty certain we’ve been to louder gigs. We live in a world where everything is turned to 11 and UB40 don’t stand a chance of claiming the ‘world’s loudest band’ award, no matter how many times they belt out Red Red Wine.

Also, +666 metal points to Alex for talking about Cannibal Corpse on BBC World News.

Luke Morton