Megadeth job might interest Exodus' Hunting


Exodus drummer Tom Hunting isn’t certain he’d follow bandmate Gary Holt down the road of pulling double duties with the thrash icons – although he wouldn’t say ‘no’ if he was offered a job with Megadeth.

Guitarist Holt remains with Slayer after having stood in for Jeff Hanneman in the two years running up to his death. And Dave Mustaine’s outfit are in the process of recruiting a new lineup after the departures of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover.

But Hunting tells Capital Chaos TV: “If Dave called and wanted to do some work, I would certainly listen. If he needed a drummer for recording and I was available, I would certainly entertain the idea.”

He adds: “I believe in my own band and what we’re doing right now. I’ve never been one of those guys that floats around between bands. I want to do what I do with Exodus and have a normal life – do normal things like chop wood, have a wife, spend time with my family. Shit like that.”

Hunting believes his outfit aren’t like their thrash counterparts. “It’s a brotherhood; we really love and respect each other,” he says. “It’s different from guys that work together, that don’t necessarily get along.

“To jump ship on that – I don’t think I’d do it. It’s not worth an amount of money or whatever. I’ve been with this cause for too long.”

Exodus released Blood In Blood Out in October. The album marked the return of classic-era vocalist Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza and featured a guest appearance by former member Kirk Hammett, who named the band before replacing Mustaine in Metallica in 1983.