Exodus' Zetro says band are living the clean life


Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza says life backstage with Exodus is vastly different to his earlier stints with the band.

The frontman rejoined the thrash veterans last year for a third spell after almost 10 years away and he features on latest album Blood In Blood Out.

And Souza says things are much cleaner behind the scenes. He tells Thrash Eaters (via Blabbermouth): “Everything backstage is all healthy. Nobody does drugs anymore, that’s over and gone.

“There’s a little bit of alcohol, but not like, ‘Let’s pound 12 cases of beer. What do you mean we drank that already?’ That’s nonexistent. I figure I’m 50 now. I was 22 when I joined Exodus in the beginning. I’ve got to keep this going and the way to do that is to keep in shape.”

The singer adds he’s determined to enjoy every minute of his career with the group. He adds: “I came back to the family. I got to spend the holidays with them, and it’s fucking fun as shit. I’m not gonna do anything to fuck this thing up. No way.”