McKagan hints at GnR return


Duff McKagan has hinted that he's about to rejoin Guns n'Roses on the band's upcoming South American tour.

The bassist left Axl Rose’s outfit in 1997, leaving the vocalist as the only founding member. He appeared with their current lineup in London in 2010 – then later said he regretted the move because it had reactivated rumours of a reunion.

But it looks like he could hit the stage with them once again later this month. Last night he tweeted: “Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil! See y’all in the next few weeks, Si? GNR.” He added a picture of two pieces of paper on which were scribbled the titles of Guns n’Roses songs, looking a little like a set list.

The likelihood of a return is reinforced by the fact that current GnR bassist Tommy Stinson is committed to a handful of US gigs with former band The Replacements, who are due to headline this year’s Coachella festival.

In 2011 McKagan said of his chance meeting with Rose, which led to his London guest appearance: “I almost wish the getting on stage part hadn’t happened.

“Our hotel rooms were right next to each other. It was meant to happen – we were meant to connect again. It was a private matter, but I’m glad it happened.”

Last year he reflected on the band’s legacy by saying: “I’ve never played music to make money. It’s always been about the connection – Guns n’Roses was about the connection.”