Man regrets buying cockatoo after discovering it likes to sing Drowning Pool's Bodies

Cockatoo and Dave Williams from Drowning Pool
(Image credit: George De Sota (ID 5073478)/Redferns)

If you've ever purchased something from the classified ads website craigslist, you'll be familiar with the nervous feeling that comes with handing over money to a stranger. You never know quite what it is you're getting, and you could wake up to find you've been sent a crummy bootleg, rather than the rare first pressing of Metallica's Black Album you ordered.

So spare a thought for TikTokker Bödan Reykjavik who took ownership of a cockatoo via the website, and only later discovered that it likes to repeatedly sing Drowning Pool's 2001 nu metal floor-filler Bodies.

We know what you're thinking: is that even a problem? Is that not a jackpot find and actually a seriously cool cockatoo? Well, Bödan doesn't seem to think so.

In a TikTok video, the pet owner describes his experience of buying his new metal-loving feathered friend, and captions it "man buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it"

"So this is dumb. I just bought a cockatoo from someone on craigslist, and it keeps on making these noises" he explains, while being interrupted by shrill squawking sounds.

Then, after pretending to not know the song and asking his viewers what the sounds could be, he asks his "pretty bird" what it is she's singing. The cockatoo then styles out Bodies' chorus and squawks the ear-worming line 'Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor', before mimicking late vocalist Dave Williams' growl on the third and final 'floor'.

In the second half of the video, Bödan adds in the real track alongside some gnarly  animations and effects. 

Whether he really bought the bird from craigslist though is anyone's guess – who would ever want to part with such a talented creature? Nevertheless, it's pretty funny, so watch the video below:


man buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it

♬ original sound - Bödan Reykjavik
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