Madball confirm Hardcore Lives


Madball have confirmed their ninth album is called Hardcore Lives, and it'll hit shelves on June 27 via Nuclear Blast.

The title comes from a phrase made up on the spot by frontman Freddy Cricien while they were recording debut record Ball Of Destruction.

He says: “It wasn’t pre-planned or written down – it was an ad-lib that I just threw out there, and we kept it.

“I feel the sentiment behind the expression still holds true today. Maybe even more so. Hence the reason we finally chose to use it as a title.”

He admits it’s partly a case of “waving the flag” for the genre, adding: “i’ve always felt that we, as a ‘scene,’ had to scream just a little louder to be heard.

“But it’s not just about a cool catchphrase. It’s about that rebellious spirit that doesn’t give in. It’s about growing, evolving, and maintaining your integrity in the process. It’s for everyone and anyone with an open mind and heart.”


  1. Intro 2. Hardcore Lives 3. The Balance 4. Doc Marten Stomp 5. DNA 6. True School (feat. Scott Vogel) 7. The Here And Now 8. Nothing To Me 9. My Armor (feat. Toby Morse) 10. Beacon Of Light 11. Born Strong (feat. Candace Puopolo) 12. Spirit 13. Mi Palabra 14. NBNC 15. For The Judged