Listen to the adorable song My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way wrote for his daughter Bandit

My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way
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Deep within the My Chemical Romance fandom, there's a song that a smattering of fans hold very close to their hearts; an adorable tune called Small Petunia Of The Galaxy which MCR frontman Gerard Way wrote for his daughter, Bandit.  

While there's not a full, official release of the track, Way did once play it out from his phone during an appearance on Hulu Original's Spoilers With Kevin Smith chat show. on which he discussed his love of comic books

The show itself, which first aired back in 2012, saw host Kevin Smith take a group of people to a movie, before they critiqued it. Smith would also interview celebrities, such as Way, who appeared on the show's season finale that same year.

In the episode, the vocalist sits on a giant golden chair, surrounded by fans, as Smith interviews him. After speaking to Way about his career and family life, the host asks him if he sings to his daughter. In response, Way says: "I write songs for her...she's three years old.

"I wrote this song the other day called Small Petunia Of The Galaxy, I have it on my phone, I'm not even kidding..."

As Smith quips "she's gonna freak out", Way laughs and says, "She's three, she has no idea". 

Putting the phone to his microphone, he then presses 'Play' and a sickly sweet synth melody comes through the speakers, before his lyrics kick in: 'I was wondering if you knew / Anyone that's a small Petunia Reaching up to the sky / 33 inches high / Acting like she ain't never knew ya'.

Way's emotive vocals, along with the sparkly synth line and powerful melody, make for a sweet, love-filled ditty for his daughter.

Check it out below:

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