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This Broadway version of Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff will either make you weep or blow your mind

Nu metal was notorious for many things, but its high-kickin’, jazz-handin’ Broadway anthems weren’t one of them. 

We suppose we should be grateful for appropriately-named YouTuber There I Ruined It for spotting this glaring gap in musical history and filling it.

This demonic genius/top-class troll* (*delete as applicable) had covered Limp Bizkit’s 1999 won’t-tidy-my-bedroom anthem Break Stuff – except he’s turned it into a breezy, flapper-era musical number that sounds like it’s been lifted straight from Chicago or Bugsy Malone (well, it would if it wasn't for the various honked-out expletives).

We can’t begin to imagine what Fred Durst will think of it, but we kind of admire the fact that it’s utterly at odds with the Bizkit’s chest-beating machismo, not mention the fact that he’s clearly trolling some of the band’s more devoted fans.

If you're interested, there’s a bunch of other similarly warped reimaginings – sorry, we mean ‘musical homages’ - on our man’s YouTube channel, from a polka cover of System Of Down’s Chop Suey! to an Iron Maiden-inspired version of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

Right, where did we put that Napalm Death cover of Let It Go