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Lemmy: Grammy nod is a middle finger to doubters

Lemmy says Motorhead’s 2015 Grammy nomination gives him the chance to stick his middle finger up that those who said he’d be dead by now.

Motorhead are nominated in the Best Metal Performance category for their track Heartbreaker, taken from latest album Aftershock.

And while the frontman is more interested in what the fans think than what Grammy judges ultimately decide, he does admit the nomination validates his decision to keep going after his recent health problems.

On the Grammy nomination, Lemmy tells Mitch Lafon: “It’s always nice to stick your middle finger up and say, ‘Ha ha you bastards, six months to live ey?’

“I don’t see why you should stop when it gives you so much pleasure.”

Lemmy also talks about the band’s upcoming new album, which they started work on this month and expect to release before the European summer festival season. Motorhead are line dup to play at events in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain.

On why European festivals seem to be more of a success then their American counterparts, Lemmy says: “People in Europe are more loyal. The German fans are really loyal, they will go and see anyone they liked 20 years ago as well as the people they like now.

“It’s a very healthy atmosphere. I don’t think you should stop listening to anybody just because somebody else came out. The European fans are like that.”

Stef manned the news desk between 2014-2016 and not only was he a font of knowledge on his favourite band Pixies, but he also played bass in UK rock favourites Logan. He has since emigrated to his beloved Canada.