Lamb Of God get Simmons seal of approval


Kiss star Gene Simmons has given his seal of approval to Lamb Of God – even though he admits their music isn’t quite his bag.

And he can’t help wondering what Randy Blythe’s track 512 might sound if it had been approached differently.

The song, which appears on VII: Sturm Und Drang, tells of Blythe’s experiences in a Czech prison cell before he was acquitted of manslaughter in 2013.

Simmons tells Rolling Stone: “Lamb are a solid bunch of musicians – capable and bombastic.”

But he adds: “While I like the backing track here, I must confess this type of vocal styling – what would happen if a werewolf tried to sing? – just ain’t my thing.

“Not than I’m claiming I can sing, mind. Personally, I’d be curious what this fine backing track would sound like with a decent melody, and with Dave Grohl’s vocals.”

Sturm Und Drang gave Lamb Of God their highest-ever chart placing on release earlier this month. They tour the UK in November with Megadeth.