Klone tease Here Comes The Sun


French prog outfit Klone have released a brief teaser clip for sixth album Here Comes The Sun, which is released next month.

The band previously launched their track Grim Dance with Prog and described the follow-up to 2012’s The Dreamer’s Hideaway as their most progressive work yet.

Pelagic Records, who release the album on April 27, say: “Transitions between riffs and songs never feel rushed or forced – everything is happening at the right time, and for a reason.

“The music, the lyrics and the artwork reflect upon one another, and suck the listener into a universe revolving around the sun, which is the central theme of the album.”


  1. Immersion

  2. Fog

  3. Gone Up In Flames

  4. The Drifter

  5. Nebulous

  6. Gleaming

  7. Grim Dance

  8. Come Undone

  9. The Last Experience

  10. Summertime (CD only)