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Kip Winger to launch classical album

Kip Winger
Kip Winger (Image credit: Getty)

Kip Winger has announced that he’ll release an album of classical music next month.

Conversations With Nijinsky was recorded at California’s Skywalker Sound with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, was conducted by Martin West and co-produced by Leslie Ann Jones.

The record features Winger’s ballet Ghosts, Conversations With Nijinsky, and his new composition A Parting Grace.

Winger says: “I’ve spent my life dedicated to music. Since my early days with Alice Cooper, I’ve always known that my ultimate destination was composing classical music for the orchestra.

“It’s been a great honour to work with Martin West, Leslie Ann Jones and this superb orchestra.”

The album will be available from May 27 and is available for pre-order.

Kip Winger Conversations With Nijinsky tracklist

  1. Conversations With Nijinsky: I. Chaconne de feu
  2. Conversations With Nijinsky: II. Waltz solitaire
  3. Conversations With Nijinsky: III. Souvenir noir
  4. Conversations With Nijinsky: IV. l’Imortal
  5. Ghosts: I. Misterioso
  6. Ghosts: II. Vivace
  7. Ghosts: III. Adagio
  8. Ghosts: IV. Allegro
  9. A Parting Grace