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King 810 stream We Gotta Help Ourselves

King 810 have released We Gotta Help Ourselves in support of their hometown Flint, which is in the grip of a toxic water crisis.

The metal outfit have been a prominent voice for the residents affected by the lead contamination in the Michigan city’s water supply, due to a cost-cutting switchover from Detroit to the River Flint in April 2014. They announced in September that they would be dropping off packs of bottled water in neighbourhoods throughout the city.

They also say a few of their own crew members have been hospitalised due to the incident.

King 810 say: “Most of you by now have heard what is going on around town. Since the inception of King in 2007, our foundation has been our city and its people, good or bad.

“Since music is our voice that’s how we’ve chosen to go about things. We wrote this song to empower. To strengthen rather than weaken. To offer solutions instead of problems. To breed hope rather than doubt.”

The band have partnered with local shop Savage Village to launch their We Gotta Help Ourselves t-shirts. They will donate all proceeds to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint’s ’Flint Child Health & Development Fund.’