Kerry King abandoned solo record plans


Kerry King says he’s considered putting out a solo album – but insists he couldn’t allow anything to take his focus away from Slayer.

The guitarist is a prolific riff writer and thought about using some of his material outside of the band, but changed his mind. He tells Rolling Stone: “There’s plenty of people that I considered doing it with, but I have to have Slayer covered before I consider anything like that.”

Slayer’s 11th album is due for release later this year. It’s the follow-up to 2009’s World Painted Blood and their first without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

The band last year released a new track called Implode, and at the weekend issued When The Stillness Comes for Record Store Day. Versions of both songs will appear on the upcoming album.

And King also revealed some of the other track titles – Take Control, Chasing Death, You Against You, Cast The First Stone, Pride and Vices.

He describes You Against You as “very punky” and says Cast The First Stone was inspired by a walk around the city of Athens and thinking of the historic battles that took place there. He adds: “It’s just about battle, not a particular battle. You cast the first stone, I’m gonna win.”

On Vices, he says: “Vices is one of my favourite heavier ones. I can’t wait to play that one live. It’s gonna be off the charts. You’re gonna love it.”

After Hanneman’s death, and the sacking of drummer Dave Lombardo, King knows the band will have to win over some sceptical fans. But he is ready for the hate.

“I know there’s gonna be naysayers,” he says. “I know there’s gonna be people expecting us to fail, because so many things changed in the last six years. I’m prepared for that because I know humans are just retards when they get on the internet. But I know we put a good product together. I’m proud of it.”