Keenan says COC reunion has been ‘head trip’


Pepper Keenan says playing live with Corrosion Of Conformity again has been a “head trip” and proves they’re still on top of their game.

Until this year, he hadn’t been onstage with the band since 2006. They’re now planning a studio return for their first material with Keenan on vocal duties since 2005’s In The Arms Of God.

He tells Full Metal Jackie: “The strangest thing about it to me is that I haven’t touched some of these songs in 20 years.

“I never thought I’d be that guy going backwards, but the songs stand the test of time and work really well. It’s been a head trip going backwards like that and having so many people come out and trip out on it.”

Keenan says he and his bandmates were delighted to receive positive feedback while they were recently on the road with Clutch and Mastodon in the US.

He adds: “People would come up and say, ‘Man, I’ve never heard you guys before,’ and they were just blown away which is great, because we haven’t even done a new record yet. That was the craziest part about it.”

Earlier this year, COC guitarist Woody Weatherman said they hoped to lay down tracks for a new album as soon as their live commitments were complete.

Pepper Keenan hails COC fans for reunion calls