Katatonia drummer quits


Katatonia have announced the departure of drummer Daniel Liljekvist – who's decided to spend more time with his family and find a "normal job."

The split is amicable, with the band saying they accept and respect his decision – but both parties blame current industry conditions for Liljekvist’s move.

Katatonia say: “Nothing lasts forever and all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Yet it makes it so much more frustrating when it happens for the wrong reasons or before reaching our terminus.

“We can’t pretend the current climate has nothing to do with it – this is undeniably yet another outcome of musicians struggling at the crossroads of today’s ‘scene/industry.’ Tragically, this situation forces a member, brother — and our fans’ favourite longtime drummer — to resign from a band he sacrificed a decade and a half to build.”

Liljekvist explains: “I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of month. I just cannot combine job, family and commit 100% to Katatonia. Times for musicians are rough. I’ve decided to concentrate on my family and get a normal job that gets the bills paid.”

The band’s planned Dethroned & Uncrowned: Unplugged & Reworked tour will go ahead as planned with JP Asplund, who played on their last two studio albums, behind the kit. Daniel Moilanen will play their summer festival shows.

It’s the second lineup change in two months for Katatonia – they split amicably with guitarist Per Eriksson as as result of “a difference in views.” He’s to be replaced on tour by The Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord.

Their European tour kicks off on May 8 in and ends with two UK shows: Union Chapel, London, on May 16 and Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on May 17.