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Jimmy Page: 'Time to play live again'

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page says it's "definitely time" for him to get a band together and go on stage again.

He’s spent the last few years working on Zep’s remaster project, with the first three box sets to be released next month.

And with the chances of a reunion with Robert Plant almost zero, he’s setting his sights on putting his own band together.

Page tells the Boston Globe: “It’s definitely time – I won’t say to start dusting down the guitar, it doesn’t need dusting down, but time to get together with some musicians and be seen to be playing. That’s the important thing.”

But he’s also admitted he doesn’t have any concrete plans, telling Rolling Stone: “I’ve got lots of material I’ve written on acoustic guitar – Lots and lots. Right now I need to get myself up to speed, and that won’t take too long.

“I don’t know what musicians I’d play with. I do have material and a passion for it; I need to work towards it, and now I can without all the other side issues going on. I play guitar at least once a week. Now the Zeppelin project is finished, I’ll be playing daily for the foreseeable future.”

Page was given an honorourary doctorate from Berklee College of Music at the weekend.