Irish death metal barbarians ZOM unleash a brand new track


Forged in the furious hellfires of Dublin, ZOM have been rising rapidly through the occult-minded, murk-mired extreme metal ranks of late, playing to packed, fist-shaking crowds on both sides of Irish Sea, and basically channelling a host of foul and fetid forces in the name of arcane, bug-eyed death metal.

With one demo and last year’s Multiversal Holocaust EP setting out their Hades-storming stall, the three-piece are about to unleash their debut album, Flesh Assimilation, released via Invictus Productions on November 24. For all those who love death metal when it’s visceral, vein-raising and a torrential carrier signal for Satan’s most belligerent battle commanders, we are proud to prise open the sarcophagus and unleash a preview in the form of the track Conquest upon the hardy and the unwary alike. Take a deep breath, hold out your arms, call to the soon-to-be-erupting aether “I AM READY!!!” and inhale the heady, lung-collapsing brew that is Conquest below!

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