If Limp Bizkit had recorded The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme, it would probably be like this

Will Smith and Fred Durst
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It’s an often-asked question: if Limp Bizkit had recorded the title theme for The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, what would it sound like?

Fortunately YouTuber Moonic Productions is around to resolve the issue. He’s reinvented Will Smith’s track complete with Fred Durst’s characteristic vocal style and Wes Borland’s leftfield guitar action.

Most commentators were relieved to be put out of their misery, with one saying: “Your Fred Durst isn’t annoying enough. Needs more squeaky angst and reverb, but other than that i think you nailed  it.” Another reported: “I was drinking a soda but flipped my hat backwards and chucked that and began snorting coke lol.”

Moonic enjoys reinventing popular tracks with a metal edge. He’s previously turned Toy Story into black metal, The Ketchup Song into a System Of A Down track, and the B-52’s’ Rock Lobster into a Slayer song.

In his introductory video, Moonic – real name Otu – reports: “This is about my left hand which has a birth defect, although I like to think of it as a birth enhancement. Even though I’m missing fingers, I’ve learnt to play the guitar, violin, piano and other instruments. Enjoy!”

Nu metal icons Limp Bizkit recently completed their Limp Bizkit Still Sucks tour, named after the album they released last year. 

Borland said before the launch: “We’ve probably, in the last 10 years, been in the studio to try and complete the record, I wanna say, seven times, to different studios.” He added that Durst’s dissatisfaction with his own work had caused delays: “We probably have 35 songs recorded instrumentally, and he’s done vocals on them and then thrown the vocals away.”

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