Here's what every member of Slipknot looks like according to AI, and it’s terrifying

AI-generated Slipknot masks
(Image credit: Reddit)

Last month, we discovered that a Slipknot fan had made an AI-generated music video using the lyrics of Psychosocial. The results were, well, pretty horrifying, and conjured up everything from images of nightmarish monsters to dismal dystopian landscapes.

Now, we've stumbled upon another fan's creation using similar technology over on Reddit...AI-generated Slipknot masks.

Of course, we all know that a large part of Slipknot's shtick is looking scary, trademarked by their ever-mutating monstrous masks.  After seeing this image however, which shows each Slipknot member created from artificial intelligence, in reality, we've realised the band aren't all that frightening after all, as their AI-generated selves are like something out of our very worst nightmares.

For instance, frontman Corey Taylor has gas-mask like holes for eyes with jagged teeth piercing out through a sharp slit of a mouth, appearing like, as one commenter describes, "a cross between Jack Skellington and Jeff the Killer".

The most horrifying of the bunch though is Tortilla Man, who looks like "an evil sentient phallus" or a alien-like hammerhead shark. 

Although each appearance is made from an AI's interpretation of the band, they are all based off of real Slipknot looks, so it's definitely interesting to see how a computer envisions them. Perhaps Slipknot could look to AI for inspiration for their visages in the future?

Check it out below:

In other news, Slipknot frontman and lifelong horror fan Corey Taylor recently revealed the film that made him sweat right "through the sheets" in his bed. 

While partaking in a recent Q+A at the The Love Of Horror convention in Manchester, England last month, Taylor was asked to name his favourite horror movie of the last ten years. 

“Hereditary is the one that made me fuckin’ – oh dude – that movie made me sweat through the sheets in my bed," he replied (as transcribed by We Are The Pit). "It was so uncomfortable, dude. Me and Alicia [Taylor, Corey's wife and Cherry Bombs dancer], we’re like, ‘Let’s put a fuckin’ horror movie on,’ right? And we sat and we’re just like [makes shocked expression]. I was like, ‘Oh God!’

“I mean, just the… [infamous 'neck-slicing' scene from the movie]. Everybody knows that scene. I was so put off that I had to pause it and fuckin’ walk around, man...It was a trip, dude. That movie – and I loved Midsommar too – but there was something so rad about Hereditary, because to me, I didn’t know shit about it going into it, and by the end I was just like, ‘I can’t un-see any of this. Oh my God.’ I mean, it was that level of holy shit. So that one definitely is right at the top.'”

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