Here’s how System Of A Down’s B.Y.O.B. sounds when played using assault rifles instead of drums

Gundrummer SOAD
(Image credit: gundrummer / YouTube)

Let’s be honest, anyone can round up a few ridiculously talented musician pals and bang out a passable System Of A Down cover in their bedroom. Easy peasy.

But what about if everyone you know is self-isolating - let’s say, for argument’s sake, in the midst of a global pandemic - and there’s just you and a conveniently-located mid-sized army regiment’s worth of lethal military hardware to hand: in this highly unlikely and improbable scenario, would you still be able to knock out a SOAD cover, using machine gun fire as percussion, to a standard where System guitarist Daron Malakian will pop online to praise your skills?

If you’ve answered, ‘Aye, no bother pal!’ here you’re either a) drunk or b) a YouTuber known the world over as ‘gundrummer’, a name, we’re prepared to wager, originated because you figured out a way to discharge a ‘gun’ to replicate rhythms that might, standardly, be played by a ‘drummer’!

Nothing gets past us.

Anyways, if you’ve ever wondered what System’s B.Y.O.B. would sound like using a pistol and assorted assault rifles in place of a bog standard drum kit, then, oh boy, you’ve come to the right place today.

Judging by a recent post on Facebook, System guitarist Daron Malakian is a fan. Then again, he hasn’t just been rendered obsolete by a man with more guns than sense…

If this sort of thing floats your boat, we feel duty bound to point out that yer man’s YouTube channel also features him playing a Slipknot song on a tank - A TANK! - but we’re not posting or indeed condoning that, because otherwise everyone will be at it. 

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