Here's a collection of classic album covers made out of Lego

Motorhead and Metallica albums replicated in Lego
(Image credit: Adnan Lotia | Instagram / Pixabay)

Lego is more popular than ever, thanks to a slew of movie tie-in sets for kids and a range for adults.

It's creative catnip for all ages and our interest was truly piqued when we spotted the work of "plastic manufacturer" Adnan Lotia, where he's recreated an impressive amount of classic album covers using the toy bricks. 

His Instagram page has over 450 posts and features recreations of iconic sleeves like Black Sabbath's self-titled debut album, Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger and Metallica's controversial Load (see below).

Album sleeves in Lego, featuring Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Metallica

(Image credit: Adnan Lotia | Instagram)

"I think of this particular project as a daily meditation," Adnan tells Album Cover Hall of Fame site. "I listen to the music, learn about the art, and create a quick sketch to honour the artist. Since I’m relying on someone else’s design, I introduce my creativity in my choice of LEGO elements. Before starting, I will examine an album cover for 'LEGO compatibility' and pay attention to focal points that could be suggested with LEGO structures. I try and build as much in my head as possible before actually putting down any bricks."

After using Lego to demonstrate ideas and principles in creative engineering to his students, Adnan found himself limited by the pieces in his collection. In 2020, he began using digital Lego to bring his album cover interpretations to life, which also include other iconic pop, indie and rock sleeves.

"[Because Digital Lego] is free, unlimited, and doesn’t occupy any physical space, I could prototype builds quickly and efficiently," he explains. "It’s also nice to be able to render bricks in immaculate condition with perfect lighting."

Check out his Instagram page and prepare to get your old Lego out of storage.

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