Gwar clash over split with Kim Dylla


Gwar have split with vocalist Kim Dylla, the band have confirmed.

But despite the group stating there was “no ill will, no acrimony, and no drama” to her departure, the singer, aka Vulvatron, is furious, claiming she found out about the announcement online.

Gwar guitarist Brent Purgason, aka Pustulus Maximus, initially broke the news on their Facebook page.

He explains: “Kim did a great job but we wanted to go a different direction with the Vulvatron character. You will absolutely see more of Vulvatron in the future, just not portrayed by Kim.

“There is no ill will, no acrimony, and no drama. We respect Kim’s talent without question – it just isn’t what we needed in the character.”

But in an angry response, Dylla posted her own message, saying: “It’s really nice when you find out important things from people you consider to be your friends from posts on the internet and messages from strangers.

“There is something called basic respect not existing in that modus of communication. That being said, I’m currently looking for a new vocal gig with a serious metal band that likes to tour their asses off.“

Dylla joined the shock rockers for their 50-date tour of the US last year. The former Kung Fu Dykes member had previously performed with the band at their annual Gwar-B-Q event in 2013.

Meanwhile, the band announced this week they’ll release career-spanning book Let There Be Gwar later this year.