Godsmack Larkin shows restraint with blues band


Shannon Larkin says he has to restrain himself when playing with his new blues project the Blue Cross Band.

The drummer took time out from his day job with Godsmack to form the group, along with Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola. Ray Cerbone is on vocals and bass is handled by Brian Carpenter.

Larkin tells 94.3 Kilo in Colorado Springs he always keeps his hand in during Godsmack downtime.

He says: “Every band I’ve been in I’ve always had multiple side projects. I think it’s good to play with other musicians. And it’s good to play different styles of music as a player. It gets your different chops built up.

“Playing in a blues project, it’s completely different to playing in a metal band. I have to use restraint that I don’t have to use in Godsmack.”

Godsmack released new album 1000hp this month and are part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival lineup.

Larkin adds: “We’re going to play five songs from the new record. We know that’s a lot but it’s been four years since we’ve toured so we figure we have enough songs that should be recognisable already that should intersperse with the new songs.”