Glenn Danzig, Dragon-rider..

A statue of Glenn Danzig riding a dragon could be the first thing visitors to a part of Austin, Texas will see if a particularly outlandish idea is adopted by a cultural commission.

James Moody, boss of the city’s Mohawk music venue, submitted the suggestion when executives asked for ways to underline the Red River Cultural District’s distinctive character.

The Danzig statue appears on a list of more likely initiatives including a street party, volunteer day and neighbourhood association.

Moody admits it was supposed to be a joke – but he tells Keye TV: “If they’re willing to do it in gold I’ll submit it as a serious idea.” He added that the sculpture should have ruby eyes.

Former Misfits frontman Danzig – who’s involved in a lawsuit against his former bandmates – may not be the most popular choice of musical icon in Austin. In 2011 he turned up late for his slot at the city’s Fun Fun Fun Festival, spent most of his stage time complaining about the weather, and played just a handful of tracks.

Promoter Graham Williams tweeted he waited for the show to go ahead: “Danzig says he’s just as big as Slayer and wants to play the same stage Slayer, or he won’t play. He says: ‘I got a deathbug. If I go on stage and get sick. I’ll die.’

“He tries to start a riot and blames the fest, the city, the cops and everyone but himself. He goes backstage, tries to fight a few people, gets in the van and leaves.”

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