Gabriel's message to future artists


Peter Gabriel last night used his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to send an inspirational message to the next generation of musicians.

He also took the opportunity to thank his wife, family and collaborators after being presented with the honour by Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Gabriel said: “If you’re exploring making music and looking at us old-timers getting our decorations, I say two things: Dream big and let your imagination guide you, even if you end up dressing up as a flower or a sexually transmitted disease. They may think it’s a little strange. They may laugh at you, but just do it.

“Secondly, surround yourself with brilliance — the brilliance of who you love being around and the brilliance of their talent.”

Among the several colleagues he namechecked was Tony Levin, and while he didn’t directly mention any members of Genesis he said: “I’ve worked with so many amazing people through these years.”

He concluded by saying: “Watch out for music. It should come with a health warning. It can be dangerous. It can make you feel so alive, so connected to the people around you, and connected to what you really are inside.

“It can make you think that the world should, and could, be a much better place. And just occasionally, it can make you very, very happy.”

Gabriel was inducted at a ceremony in Brooklyn alongside Kiss, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, the E Street Band and Hall and Oates.