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Gabriel album progressing slowly

Peter Gabriel is still working towards releasing his next album – but admits progress is slow because he wants to spend time with his family.

That doesn’t mean he’s not keen to progress with the project, however.

He tells Rolling Stone: “I get distracted. But I have technology and a few projects at the moment that keep me going. I’m itching to get back to more writing.

“I do the school run in the morning and then try to get something done. On a good day I’ll go to the gym and try to do some music, and quite often meetings. I try to have as much of a family life as I can.”

Gabriel was last week inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He reflects: “Getting awards is nature’s way of saying you’re getting old! There are very few good things about getting old, except you care less about what people think.”

Asked about the ever-circulating speculation of a Genesis reunion, he says: “I never say never. I think there’s a small chance, but I don’t think it’s very high.”

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