Why Grohl won’t go back to weed

Dave Grohl has revealed he recently tried to start smoking pot after a 25-year break in the hope it would cure his insomnia – but the plan went badly wrong.

The Foo Fighters mainman had stopped using weed around the age of 20 after suffering paranoid experiences, and only thought of having another joint while the band were working on latest album Sonic Highways.

Grohl tells Howard Stern: “I’m an insomniac – I don’t sleep a lot. We were recording in the desert for this record and there was a bonfire, a bottle of wine going round, and a ton of weed.

“I thought, ‘I might roll a little joint…’ and I slept for 8 hours. I thought, ‘This is the cure!’”

But his hopes were dashed after sitting at home watching TV reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Grohl recalls: “One night after everyone was asleep I smoked way too much, watched The Kardashians – and lost my mind.”

He vows: “I’m never smoking pot again. They should do that in rehab centres: get you super-fucking-high and make you watch The Kardashians. You’ll never take drugs again!”

Sonic Highways was released last month. The Foos return to the UK next year:

May 25: Sunderland Stadium Of Light

May 27: Manchester Emirates Old Trafford

Jun 19: London Wembley Stadium

Jun 20: London Wembley Stadium

Jun 23: Edinburgh BT Murrayfield Stadium