Grohl grants drummer fan’s birthday wish


Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl made a fan’s dream come true when he invited him onstage to play drums with the band.

Anthony Bifolchi was celebrating his 18th birthday at the Foos’ show in Toronto last week, where Grohl noticed a sign about the landmark occasion from his custom-built stage throne.

Video shows him telling Bifolchi to climb up onto the stage then ordering him to stop his “we’re not worthy” routine, before telling him to take Taylor Hawkins’ place behind the kit.

Grohl says: “If you suck on the drums I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage.”

He then tells the crowd: “I sure hope this motherfucker doesn’t suck,” before asking the fan, “Do you know Foo Fighters songs?” When he asks to play Best Of You the mainman replies: “That’s the last one we’re going to play tonight, ding-dong!”

The band then launch into Big Me, after Grohl says: “It’s the easiest one – if you fuck this up you’re going to look like a fucking asshole.” Bifolchi keeps the piece together, however, and Grohl tells him, “Give me love, give me love,” before ordering him: “Get off my stage right fucking now!”

Bifolchi later said via Reddit: “I was just thinking, ‘Don’t drop your stick.’ Thank God I didn’t!”

Grohl this week said the stage fall that landed him with a broken leg had been a “blessing in disguise” by giving the band a new energy on stage.