FNM won’t let fans down says Bottum


Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum promises the band won’t let their fans down with their reunion record.

The follow-up to 1997’s Album Of The Year is expected later this year, following the release of a single entitled Superhero next month.

Bottum reports that bassist Billy Gould is nearing completion on the mixing, and that frontman Mike Patton has “done an amazing job” with his contribution.

He adds: “I can only say it sounds like us and it doesn’t – in the best possible way. You know what to expect, and we are going to honour that expectation the only way we know how.”

The keyboardist underlines that fan support is essential to FNM’s continuation, saying: “The overwhelming response regarding the tour dates and the upcoming LP is really really profound. Basically it’s a super-cheesy sentiment, but if there wasn’t a you there wouldn’t be an us.”

Describing the band’s tour plans as an “upcoming onslaught” he adds: “We’re going to try and reach as many of you as we can. Sorry if you’re skipped on this first go round – we’ll try and fix that. We can’t guarantee anything but it’s our intention not to leave anyone out. Thanks for being understanding in this regard.”

FNM play this year’s Download festival at Donington on June 12-14.