"I look just like WHO?!" Watch Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody get recognised in public...as the singer from Disturbed. Whoops!

Ivan Moody and David Draiman
(Image credit: Moody: Youtube (@MetalMewolisha), Draiman: Getty)

Being a heavy metal celebrity must be a bit of an odd experience. Most of the time, you can probably carry on with your day without getting hassled by strangers or asked for selfies in unusual places. Walk past someone in a black t-shirt with a lairy logo on it, however, and you'll at least get a surprised, delighted look or two. Head into a metal bar or a festival and you might just get mobbed. 

Surely, though, you'd imagine the odds of you a) getting recognised and b) getting confused for someone else can't happen all that much. But that's exactly what happened to Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody while innocently pulling up to the drive through at a fast food restaurant recently. The person serving him clearly realised that she was dealing with a heavy metal musician. As it turns out, though, it wasn't actually the one she thought.

"So I just pulled up to Taco John's, and this young lady right here just asked me if I was in a band, and I was like, 'Yes!'" says Ivan in a video taken immediately after the encounter that he has since posted to social media. Ivan turns to the lady in the window of the fast food restaurant before adding: "And she said I looked just like who?"

"The lead singer from Disturbed!" replies the fast food server jovially. Yes, it turns out she thought poor Ivan was actually David Draiman, our favourite, monkey noise-making Disturbed singer. Clearly taking the whole thing in good jest, Moody turns back to the camera to send his fellow bald metal icon some appreciation: "I love you Dave."

Watch the video for yourself below. Five Finger Death Punch's most recent album, Afterlife, was released last year. Disturbed's latest album, Divisive, was also released in 2022. That's where the comparisons can end though, alright?! 

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