Fear Factory relive tour bus smash


Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell and Dino Cazares have recounted the moment their tour bus was involved in a collision last week.

Everyone onboard escaped injury when their vehicle collided with a truck while travelling to a show in Munich.

Frontman Bell says on the band’s tour vlog: “I went to sleep around 1.30am and the next thing I remember is being pushed forward in my bunk and I thought, ‘Holy fuck, we just went through something.’

“I’m in the bottom bunk and crawled out on my hands and knees to the front of the bus. It has this window we can sit and look out of and the fucking thing is just cracked. I went, ‘Oh, god we hit something.‘”

Guitarist Cazares adds: “He lost control for a few seconds and rear-ended a truck that was servicing the road. Maybe there was construction on the road and they just picked up the pylons or something.”

The incident followed two more serious crashes in the US last week involving The Ghost Inside and Hinder.

Fear Factory’s European tour continues tonight in the Czech Republic.