There’s a Facebook page recreating classic metal album art in MS Paint and it’s our new favourite thing

Iron Maiden, King Diamond and Death album art recreated in MS Paint
(Image credit: Extremely Cheesily Drawn Extreme Metal Album Scenes And Extreme Memes)

A Facebook page is recreating classic heavy metal album artworks in Microsoft Paint, with some gloriously horrible results.

Extremely Cheesily Drawn Extreme Metal Album Scenes And Extreme Memes was started in September 2018 and has since posted hundreds of recreations to its 31,000 followers.

The page’s most recent posts included redesigns of such heavy metal classics as Megadeth’s Rust In Peace, Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast, Death’s Scream Bloody Gore and Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4.

On Monday (October 23), Extremely Cheesily Drawn Extreme Metal Album Scenes And Extreme Memes posted to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers, accompanying it with a video compiling some of its work.

“Hit 30k the other day, thanks to everyone that follows the page,” reads the post. “Feel free to drop requests here.

“If you haven't been here since the start, here’s a little comparison of how the page started vs what it devolved into because of you. I blame all of you.”

The page is also accepting donations for its work.

Extremely Cheesily Drawn Extreme Metal Album Scenes And Extreme Memes recently recreated the artwork for classic Toto album Toto IV to promote a deathcore cover of Africa, featuring John Matos of Abiotic, Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence and Mike Caputo of Job For A Cowboy.

“Holy shit!” Matos wrote as he shared the piece on Instagram.

Other Facebook users have recently been using artificial intelligence to create proposed new Iron Maiden album art and posting the results online.

“Still better than Dance Of Death,” one user in the group Cursed AI wrote in the comments of the posts, referencing the 2003 Maiden album with computer-generated artwork that’s been called among the worst in heavy metal history.

The ’90s brutal death metal band Mortician have also been going viral on social media recently. The horror film sample and guitar riff at the start of their song Rabid have been used in thousands of videos on TikTok, many of which have more than 100,000 views.

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