“All of these are better than Dance Of Death!” Someone’s used A.I. to create fake Iron Maiden covers and they look extraordinary

AI renders of Iron Maiden's Eddie
(Image credit: George Lerma via Facebook/Cursed AI)

A Facebook user has created their own Iron Maiden album artwork with artificial intelligence.

George Lerma posted their creations into the Facebook group Cursed AI yesterday (Monday, September 18).

The seven images all depict interpretations of Maiden’s classic mascot, Eddie, in new poses and forms, from holding an electric guitar while appearing as a skeleton to looking like a muscly orc warrior.

The images have been received excellently by metalheads on the internet.

“These go hard, up the irons!” says the top comment on the original post.

Another user writes: “Still better than Dance Of Death”, referencing the 2003 Maiden album with computer-generated artwork that’s been called among the worst in heavy metal history. “Seriously, was it put together in ten minutes with a bootleg copy of Photoshop?”

“All of them are better than [the] Dance Of Death album cover,” another comment concurs.

The seven AI-rendered images can be seen below, and in the original Facebook post.

Iron Maiden have recently finished the European leg of their 2023 tour, The Future Past.

The band revealed in a social media statement in August that longtime drummer Nicko McBrain suffered a stroke earlier this year, before the tour started in June.

“It left me paralyzed on my right side from my shoulder on down, of course, I was very worried that my career was over,” McBrain commented on YouTube.

Metal Hammer also recently interviewed former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley, who fronted the band after Bruce Dickinson left in 1993. He was replaced by a returning Dickinson in 1999.

Bayley told writer Dave Everley that, when he heard Dickinson’s comeback album Brave New World, he “cried [his] fucking eyes out”.

“It’s a really good album,” he said, “but I knew that if things had worked out differently, I would have been working in the studio with those guys, I would have been singing some of those songs. There was this sense of great loss that hit me really hard.”

Iron Maiden will next play live on a short tour of Canada from September 28 to October 2, then headline the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, on October 6.

Matt Mills
Contributing Editor, Metal Hammer

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