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Eric Clapton dispels rumour of George Harrison album appearance

George Harrison and Eric Clapton
Harrison and Clapton in 1985 (Image credit: Getty)

Eric Clapton has stated that late Beatle George Harrison doesn’t make a posthumous appearance on his upcoming album I Still Do, after a pseudonym credit gave rise to speculation.

A guitarist called “Angelo Mysterioso” is listed for the song I Will Be There, and the name bears close resemblance to “L’Angelo Mysterioso” – the title used by Harrison on Cream track Badge, which he co-wrote with Clapton in 1969.

But Clapton tells Guitar World: “It’s not George. The thing is, the person wishes to remain anonymous. So we came to that arrangement and we both thought it was the best idea.

“I can’t even tell you that much. I’m sworn to secrecy, and I hope he is too. But I quite liked it.”

He adds: “I heard there were rumours about it being George and I thought that was great, because it’s nice that people know that story.

“We used to do it a lot and I still like to do that now. I’ve been that ‘angel’ sometimes. George was, and now there’s someone else. I can’t say who it is, but I like the speculation.”

I Still Do is released on May 20 – with a TV special aired the same night – following the launch of videos for Can’t Let You Do It and Spiral.

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