Entombed A.D., Monument and more for Bloodstock

Just because they've changed their name from Entombed to Entombed A.D. doesn't mean we're not punching our desks with joy at the thought of seeing one of the greatest death metal bands on the planet come crashing into the main stage at Bloodstock this August. And with new album Back To The Front finally being released on 4th August, it's going to be a super-strength set of big-hitters and new nasties. And it seems frontman LG Petrov is as exited as we are, proclaiming "England, long time no see! And what better way is there than to come to play at Bloodstock festival in August! We are looking forward to meeting all you headbangers again!"

Announced for the Sophie Lancaster stage are the trad-metallers Monument, the extreme metal slaughterhouse of Gehtika and the Brazilian thrashers Krow. Also heading up the Sophie stage is the very bluesy Aaron Keylock – he’s only 16 but can play with the best of ‘em.

And that’s not all, the Jägermeister stage has announced some killer names for you to neck the black stuff to with Undersmile, Massive Wagons, King Creature, Rabid Bitch Of The North, The Heretic Order and the Metal Hammer Golden God nominees Orphaned Land.

What, you want more? Well the New Blood stage welcomes No Sin Evades His Gaze, Born Of The JAckal, Today The Sun Dies, Warcrab, Psykosis and Byzanthian Neckbeard (which is a great name). If you’re in a band and think you have what it takes to play the New Blood Stage, find out how here.

Bands already announced for Bloodstock include Down, Megadeth, Emperor, Children Of Bodom, Amon Amarth and Carcass.

Check out the full Bloodstock line-up below and get your tickets here.

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