Elliot Nelson announces debut solo album

Elliot Nelson
(Image credit: Glass Onyon)

Instrumental solo artist, composer and producer Eliot Nelson, the son of Be-Bop Deluxe mainman Bill Nelson, has announced he will release his debut solo album, As He Now Appears, independently through his bandcamp page on August 7.

"As He Now Appears is centred around the experiences we have in life which evolve and change us into who we are now," explains Nelson. "I used to observe how people around me changed in particular situations, around different people or different environments. I think it shows how susceptible we are as humans to everything, it’s like a cycle of change but somehow we always return to the same point, with more life under our belt.” 

Nelson has previously featured in Honeytone Cody, a collaborative effort with sister Elle and later the avant-garde musical project The Wolf And The Ape. As He Now Appears blends and bends musical genres from electronic, jazz, experimental rock, folk and classical.

“The album was incidental, instead of using something such as a journal or diary, I would use my music to express a certain point of time or event that would be happening in my life, I guess I used a similar motif to Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter And The Wolf, I would use a particular instrument to represent a person or creature within the narrative of what I was feeling, or an event I was experiencing. It was recorded over a course of 2-3 years, mainly using a laptop equipped with Ableton Live using various acoustic and electric instruments," he adds. "The drums were recorded in old industrial mills in West Yorkshire, I’d either use a guide guitar or play against a drone or a sample of some sort. It would be all instinctive to how I felt, once the tracks took upon a certain emotional shape, everything else fell into place.”

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Elliot Nelson

(Image credit: Glass Onyon)

Elliot Nelson - As He Now Appears
1. As He Now Appears 
2. Crusade of The Marionettes 
3. Land of The Forgotten
4. Cats and Otherwise
5. Pierrot
6. Internally Set to Zero
7. The Ethereal Ballon
8. God's Pythons
9. From The Blonde to The Beast
10. The Black Dot 
11. Beach Waltz 

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