Dr Matt Taylor stops by tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we are delighted to welcome Dr Matt Taylor: scientist, metal fan and one of the men responsible for landing a probe on a speeding comet as it hurtled through space as part of the Rosetta Mission.

He’s also a massive Morbid Angel fan: “Morbid Angel were the first band I ever saw and way back on the Blessed Are The Sick tour, in 1992 I think it was. Death metal fits the work I do. It keeps the stress down, it calms you.”

See that? A real-life scientist says metal is calming. PROOF.

We’ll also be playing the debut album by he recently reformed Atreyu and we’ve suitably space themed music from Black Sabbath, Opeth, Devin Townsend, Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Gojira and Coheed and Cambria.

And we talk of the news that the French rail operator SNCF has been accused of sexism after advising staff on how to use “discreet” lipstick and perfume and what mascara to wear. Anyway, it got us thinking…

What’s the dumbest directive that your boss gave you, whether it be an ugly uniform you had to wear or a task that wasn’t your job?

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