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Disturbed ad pulled after TV murder

A video ad for Disturbed’s comeback album Immortalized has been pulled in the wake of an on-air double murder.

TV journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot dead during a live broadcast in Virginia yesterday. The suspect, a former colleague, later shot himself as well.

Now Disturbed’s label Warner Bros have removed an online promo that includes a scene from the band’s The Vengeful One video, in which a monster shoots people at a TV station.

The ads, served via an automated process, were placed by marketing firm Gupta Media, who said the risk of offence was minimised because of the way viewers were chosen.

Owner Gogi Gupta told USA Today: “The video was served via retargeting, matched to previous web-browsing behaviour. So only a visitor who’d interacted with Disturbed websites would be eligible to see it.”

Immortalized was released on August 14.

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