Disturbed comeback secrecy was 'torturous'

Disturbed frontman David Draiman says keeping their comeback under wraps caused “a lot of pain and agony.”

The band revealed this week their four-year hiatus was over and that sixth album Immortalized would be released on August 21. The announcement came alongside the release of a video for The Vengeful One.

And Draiman says lying to friends and family took its toll on the band. He tells Billboard: “It took a lot to keep things quiet. It took a lot of pain and agony and white lies and deception, non-disclosure agreements.

“How can you explain to all your friends and family that you’re leaving home for four months to be in Vegas? To come up with something that you’re so proud of and not be able to tell anyone about or play it for anyone is torturous, believe me.”

Disturbed recorded Immortalized in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko and had to make sure they were never spotted in the hotel together.

Guitarist Dan Donegan adds: “We would sneak in separately, go into different doors and not be seen together and hope that nobody would spot us and blow our cover. Somehow we pulled that off.

“Why the secrecy? Since there was no time frame on this, we didn’t want to speak too soon. We just wanted to see how the process went and not get people all whipped up and have the microscope on us while we were doing it.”

The band describe the recording sessions as their most collaborative effort ever. Donegan says: “Lyrically we were all involved, musically we were all involved. Everybody opened up and said, ‘Let’s accept all ideas and just take the best of the best.’”

Immortalized is now available to pre-order.


  1. The Eye Of The Storm 2. Immortalized 3. The Vengeful One 4. Open Your Eyes 5. The Light 6. What Are You Waiting For 7. You’re Mine 8. Who 9. Save Our Last Goodbye 10. Fire It Up 11. The Sound Of Silence 12. Never Wrong 13. Who Taught You How To Hate 14. Tyrant (deluxe edition bonus track) 15. Legion Of Monsters (deluxe edition bonus track) 16. The Brave And The Bold (deluxe edition bonus track)

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